6 Rules For Choosing A Business Partner – Part 6 of 6

go to site Rule #6: Financing and Guarantors

If you have noticed, many of the posts in this list involve thinking about some rather unpleasant things. Do not avoid thinking on these things. If you do, it will be to your peril. I am sure that you have read the statistics about how many new businesses fail. And while your thoughts should be geared toward how to succeed rather than simply keeping your company from failing, you must prepare for hard times.


6 Rules For Choosing A Business Partner – Part 4 of 6

neurontin 800 mg Rule #4: Owner’s Equity

Dividing up the shares of your company with your partner should be addressed early on. The instinct that many people have when starting up a company with another is to say at the outset that each person should get an equal share.

But this should not be done simply as a matter of principle. The division of shares should follow one of two models.


6 Rules For Choosing A Business Partner – Part 3 of 6

Rule #3: Compensation

When thinking about a friendship, both friends bring different qualities to the table. Some may have book smarts or street smarts. Some may bring humor or compassion or practical life skills. In a friendship, you do not value the friends based on what attributes they bring to the relationship but on your mutual affections.

In business it should be the exact opposite.


6 Rules For Choosing A Business Partner – Part 2 of 6

Rule #2: Who is in Charge?

When entering into a new business venture that involves you and one other person, it is important to make the decision about who is in charge. Ideally, the two of you should be able to make things work as equals, but too many business ventures run into problems because of the paralysis that comes from having two leaders with equal power.


6 Rules For Choosing A Business Partner – Part 1 of 6

RULE #1: Define Roles

Sun Tzu wrote one of the best-selling books in human history: The Art of War. In this ancient writing, the author gives direct and practical advice to someone who wants to be victorious on the field of battle. And while running a business is not the same thing as directing armies in life or death struggles, many of the principles of communication and discipline can be applied.


Be A Producer, Not A Director


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