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enter Episode source  021 Р5 Lessons I Learned On How To Prepare For The Unexpected with Jennifer Hottle

  1. What are the non-negociable things happening in your life right now
    1. Work
    2. Family
    3. Self
  2. Talk with your family/support system about how everyone is going to deal with the situation
    1. What is the action plan (ie treatment plan)
    2. Set up a schedule
    3. Let them know what times you need to devote to your clients/family
  3. Inform your clients of what is happening in your life IF it will prevent you from delivering on your promise
  4. Be sure to allow yourself time each day to decompress
    1. Long bath
    2. Reading
    3. Meditating
    4. Praying
  5. Be prepared to work remotely


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