buy Lyrica dubai Episode follow  020 – Tools To Cyber Protect Your Business with Joe Pannitto

Guest Bio
Working with professionals since 1995, Joe brings deep knowledge and experience to provide analysis and assessment to each client he serves. Together with the extensive experience of the professional department team, our clients are provided with strong advocate in their corner regarding coverage options and solutions.

Knowing the importance of protecting your reputation and bottom line, Joe says “When evaluating coverage it’s important to look at options objectively. A practice may choose coverage that still leave too much of their money at risk because the terms are not favorable as they could be. I see my role as more educator than anything else.”

Active in his community, Joe is a server with the Dinner Out Ministry at his Church which provides a meal and companionship members in need. Joe has also served as a past board member for his homeowners association.

Key Takeaways:

  • Protected Information is anything identifiable through the Department of Labor
  • HIPAA can affect any business, not just health care providers
  • Understand the distinction between an incident vs a breach
  • Hackers are looking for soft targets
  • Learn some tips to help reduce your risk of getting hacked
  • “Risk Management 101” – avoid risky behavior, reduce risk behavior, staff training, owners lead by example and transfer/insuring risk
  • Learn the difference between a virus, malware and randsomware
  • Transferring risk needs to consider your responsibility to your clients and the cost to put system back together
  • Businesses need to comply with breach policies not only in the state you are working in but also any state that your clients may reside
  • Learn about the various types of insurance available to protect your business

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